Saturday, August 27, 2011

The One Where It's Almost Fall

This blog post was inspired by the Fall post that my friend Cynthia just posted on her blog, making me so very excited for the upcoming season.

Enjoying pumpkin spiced chai on a chilly morning. Long drives on country roads with the windows open, peeping beautiful changing leaves on the trees. Football games where you can see your breath. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards ripe with colors, fruits & children playing. These are some of my most favorite things about Fall.

I know that many people love Spring and Summer a lot and feel sad when they are over. I am one of those people that wait patiently through those two "S" seasons to get to my favorite season of all: Fall. One of my very best friends "hates" Fall (because it brings Winter) and I feel so sad for her. There is so very much to love about the season.

How can you not love these pictures and the feelings they invoke? Fall makes my heart feel full and happy.

I always look forward to September 1st because I bring out my autumn decorations for my home on that day, even if it happens to be 90 degrees. And Halloween is my favorite holiday; it's just so much fun!

All images taken from my pinterest (Need an invite to pinterest? Ask me! :)

What is your favorite season & holiday? Why?


KimBerly said...

Oh my I just love those photos. I love fall too but hate that it goes so fast and then winter comes.

woolyjooly said...

We must be soul sisters - I absolutely LOVE fall too. Great pix; good luck with your new blog.