Saturday, November 2, 2013

The One Where I Contemplate Life and Blogging

So. I haven't blogged in well over a year. I still read a lot of blogs but I just don't feel like I am interesting enough or have much to say. I have seen many blogs go by the wayside in the past two years. It seems like the "fad" is over. There are definitely some that are here to stay. But many do not have the time or the inclination anymore. Many of the blogs that I still follow, I have been reading them for around 7-8 years. That seems like a crazy long time to me. Some of them I may only comment very rarely on, if at all. And most do not come here, to my little (boring) space. Then, when one of them stops blogging, I really do feel like I've lost a friend, even if I never knew them in real life. Does anyone else feel the same? I have seen a resurrection of a few blogs that I really missed. So I guess there's that. I kind of miss the blogging universe, but I really need to figure out what to blog about. I may be might take me a year. Or I might not. We'll have to see where life takes me. How dramatic. :)