Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The One With Some Layouts

I went to a retreat a couple of weeks ago and finished 6 whole pages plus a card! I got a ton of inspiration from a certain talented scrapper and was extremely productive. (For ME! One of my friends finished 20+ pages!!)


Anonymous said...

OMG these layouts are SO great. I absolutely love them. All of them! A ton! How did you make the little plants that stick out of the corner and the square near the picture in the "Just a Glimpse" one? Is that a crikut think or did you do it by hand or what?

<3 SAJ

Jessica said...

Stef, it's a rub on! I love them so much! Thanks for your sweet comment, I had so much fun scrapping these. :) Up next, NYC pics!!! Can't wait! Also, when do I get to see some of your fabulous scrapping?

kranberrie said...


puhleeeeeeeez try and help me with this? If you can't, at least comment saying you read it please :]
Follow me too? :D I follow you :]
You're absolutely skilled beyond wicked at scrapbooking, I'm insanely jealous!