Friday, January 28, 2011

The One With Five on Friday

Five things I'm loving today:

1.) This popcorn popper. I absolutely adore my air popper, but it's kind of a pain in the ass because you have to haul it out, clean it by hand, make a big batch, etc. So this would be perfect to just pop in the microwave. It's done in less than 3 minutes and it's as healthy as you want to make it. Looks like it's sold out right now though, boo!

2.) This video. Being a HUGE, life-long Packer fan as influenced by my father, of course I am beyond ecstatic that they made it to the superbowl. My only wish is that my Dad could be here to see it and we were all watching the big game together. But I do know that he has the best seat in the house, that's for sure, and may have had a hand in helping them get there. Next Sunday will be EPIC. For now, please watch the video. You will probably NOT be amused if you a.) are not a Packer fan or football fan in general or b.) have never heard "Like a G6" by Far East Movement. Me, I think it is perfect.

3.) This girls yarn. I have been a long time reader of her blog and Jen hand dyes her own yarn. I have been coveting a skein for weeks. I'm not sure which one to get, she has so many beautiful colors! And she even has PACKER colors, which makes her even more awesome. Visit her etsy shop here.

4.) This owl. Yes, I am still obsessed with owls, even while others may have decided they will go by the wayside for the next cool trend. Me, I can't help but continue to love the little guys. They just make me smile. Found this one in this etsy shop and plan to make him mine very soon. Also, all of her cute critters make me want to learn to crochet even more! I must get on that.

5.) This rug. The boyfriend and I have been spending a lot of time in the past few weeks shopping for furniture and I am obsessing over this rug. I *need* it in my home.

(None of these images are mine and I was not paid or reimbursed by any of these affiliates. YET.:) What are you loving or coveting today?

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