Sunday, July 10, 2011

The One Where It's Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, we are back from vacation. Let me just tell you, it was 10 much needed days away from work, our disaster of a house and the real world. We had such a blast and really did not want to come home on Friday.

We went to 2 baseball games, one in Milwaukee and one in Chicago. I visited 2 knitting stores & came home with what seems like a metric ton of new yarn (yarn diet starts NOW). We spent a lot of time with family, which was fantastic. We went to Summerfest and the Navy Pier.

All in all, it was a wonderful get away that the two of us greatly needed to recharge after what seemed like two months of working 55+ hour weeks, moving (twice!) and just a general lack of relaxation.

I will be back soon with lots of pictures of everything that we did, but for now it's back to reality. How is summer going for you? I cannot believe it's almost half over already!

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KimBerly said...

Welcome back and I can't wait to see all your pictures.