Thursday, April 28, 2011

The One With a Little Catch Up

Just a little catch up post since it's been so long. Currently, I am....

Loving.... Pinterest. I cannot get enough of this website. The inspiration is incredible. If anyone wants an invite, please leave me a comment! I'd be happy to invite you. Be warned, it is very addicting! But so much fun.

Excited for... May 15th!!! The day we get the keys to our new house!! We literally drive past it atleast 5x a week, we are that excited. C'mon May 15th!

Worried... about my boyfriend finding a job. He will continue to work an hour and a half away until he can find a job closer to me and our new house. He has applied to a few places but hasn't heard anything yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but it has been keeping me up at night.

Creating.... not enough! I spend a few hours each day dreaming of having time to create again. I am hoping to do some scrapbooking in a few weeks, but my knitting has been sadly neglected. I can't wait to move in and get settled so I can play again. I have so many ideas but no time to put them into action.

Hating... the weather! I know, it's only April. And it's Minnesota. But still....we were teased with some amazing days a few weeks ago and my flip flops came out. I haven't worn them since, but haven't had the heart to put them back away. I just want Spring to be here SO BAD.

Wondering... what this summer is going to bring. I know we have lots of plans and fun things/ideas in our heads, but I wonder how much we will be able to do. We are very excited for warm weather and road trips, farmers markets, camping and being outdoors.

Craving... Summer fruits. We had some watermelon and grapes today but they weren't quite perfect yet. I love Summer fruits and veggies!

Hoping... that the move goes smoothly. Oh and that I get to see my sister in May!

Watching.... Just Go With It. Due Date. Four of a Kind. 127 Hours. The MN Twins. How I Met Your Mother. Storage Wars. American Pickers. Wipeout. Make It or Break It.

Reading... Sing You Home. The Dry Grass of August. Octoberfest. Trashy magazines. Real Simple. Pretty Little Liars.

Looking forward to... Spring and Summer. (and moving to our new home!) I am ready for short sleeves, capris and of course, flip flops!!

What are you doing currently? I'd love to hear. :)

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KimBerly said...

Welcome back!! Missed your blog.